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About OPCO

The World's Leading Ship Crane Company

Oriental Precision & Engineering is with the history of the Korean Shipbuilding and marine powers.

  • 2010. 01OPCO passes the ISO 9001:2008 certification.
  • 2010. 02OPCO is honored with the Korea Capital-Labor Collaboration Grand Prize.
  • 2010. 07OPCO celebrates its 30th anniversary.
  • 2010. 07OPCO receives certifications for ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Busan Factory.
  • 2010. 08OPCO obtains the API Spec Q1, API Spec 2C, and ISO/TS 29001 certifications.
  • 2010. 08OPCO's unique deck crane system is pending for a patent. (10-2010-0048290)
  • 2010. 08OPCO is honored with Best Labor-Management Culture Enterprise
  • 2011. 01OPCO obtains the ASME U & S STAMP
  • 2011. 04OPCO is named "A Representative Local Enterprise in the Busan Metropolitan Area"
  • 2011. 06OPCO receives certification for ISO 14001:2004 Jinhae Shipyard
  • 2011. 09OPCO is awarded the Changwon Metropolitan Industrial Peace Prize
  • 2011. 11The 200-Million Dollar Overseas Sales Award & An Industry Merit Award
  • 2014. 11Changed CEO
  • 2015. 07Physical Division (Newly designed ship's upper structure, sectionated in oriental marinetech fashion)
  • 2016. 05Termination of Joint Management of Bond Financial Institution (Bond sale to UAMCO., Ltd)
  • 2017. 09Changes in the Largest Shareholder (the Korea Development Bank → Oriental Holdings LLC)
  • 2019. 01Contract to establish a Joint Venture company Yantai Oriental Precision & Engineering Co., LTD
  • 2019. 03Share sale of an affiliated company : Yantai Oriental Precision & Engineering Co., LTD
    Commerce Day, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award
  • 2020. 06Global Leading Company Hall of Fame Dedication
    ISO45001:2018 Certification (LRQA)
  • 2020. 0740th Anniversary Celebration
  • 2021. 01Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Selection of Excellent Partnership
  • 2021. 05Changes in the Largest Shareholder (Oriental Holdings LLC → Oriental Inspection & Service)
  • 2022. 09Medals of Honor
  • 2022. 11Busan Industrial Awards (Tech)
  • 2000. 04The Jinhae Facility 2 is completed and is in operation.
  • 2001. 06The Busan Factory is relocated.
  • 2001. 11Korea Ministry of Commerce designates OPCO the "Leading Component Material Company."
  • 2001. 11OPCO wins the Thirty-Million-Dollar Overseas Sales Award, and also wins the Order of Industrial Service Merit.
  • 2001. 12OPCO goes public and is now a KOSDAQ-listed company.
  • 2002. 01OPCO receives the ISO 9001:2000 certification.
  • 2002. 08OPCO Japan, Oriental Precision & Engineering's Japanese affiliate, is founded.
  • 2003. 11The OPCO affiliate Dalian Oriental Marine & Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is founded in China.
  • 2005. 12OPCO wins the Fifty-Million-Dollar Overseas Sales Award, and also wins the Order of Industrial Service Merit.
  • 2006. 11Oriental Precision & Engineering Corporate Lab is established.
  • 2006. 12OPCO wins the Hundred-Million-Dollar Overseas Sales Award, and also wins the Order of Industrial Service Merit.
  • 2007. 07OPCO establishes Yantai Oriental Precision & Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • 2008. 05OPCO establishes Oriental Precision (Dalian) Technical Service Co., Ltd.
  • 2008. 07Oriental Heavy Industries is founded.
  • 2009. 01OPCO establishes OPCO Singapore.
  • 2009. 05OPCO establishes OPCO Vietnam.
  • 2009. 06Company announces a new deck crane design.
  • 2009. 06OPCO commemorates completion of 1,000 deck houses.
  • 2009. 11OPCO is awarded the Busan Metropolitan Industrial Peace Prize.
  • 2009. 11OPCO is certified for OHSAS 18001:2007(DNV) and KOSHA 18001(KOSHA).
  • 1990. 05Company name changed to Oriental Precision & Engineering.
  • 1991. 11OPCO wins the Five-Million-Dollar Overseas Sales Award.
  • 1992. 06The Jinhae Facility is built in the city of Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do province.
  • 1994. 11Company wins the Ten-Million-Dollar Overseas Sales Award.
  • 1996. 11The Jinhae deck house assembly plant is completed.
  • 1998. 12Company qualifies for ISO 9001 certification.
  • 1980. 07Oriental Fittings, Inc. is established, with the starting capital of 10 million Korean Won’s, or roughly 10,000 USD.
  • 1986. 03Mr. Chong Suk Suh is appointed as the new CEO.
  • 1987. 09Korea Exchange Bank honors Oriental Fittings and grants the title "A Mid-size Enterprise with Bright Prospects."
  • 1987. 11Company wins the Million-Dollar Overseas Sales Award.
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