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About OPCO

The World's Leading Ship Crane Company


Oriental's vision for the future and firm belief in customer-first management opens a bright future for the world's shipbuilding and marine industries.

Established in 1980, Oriental Precision & Engineering believes that when dealing with customers trust is always the top priority, and is constently striving to become the world's best ship crane company through customer satisfaction.

Creativity and Spirit of Challenge have led a continuous business fields expansion to Oriental Precision Industries. Starting with simple iron equipment production, our business is currently specialized in manufacturing machinery such as ship cranes, and our subsidiary Oriental Marine Tech focuses on large superstructure ship projects such as deckhouses.
The Ship Machinery business produces Cranes installed on the top of ships used to load and unload various items. The Deck Machinery concerns equipment for mooring and anchoring ships. We also work on Boat Davit which is a life-saving boat launch system, being promoted by Oriental Precision & Engineering in Busan. Our company is positioned as the country's best ship crane company through active technology development and quality improvement activities.

Oriental Precision & Engineering made ambitious investments and super acitive R&Ds to develop specialized cranes in various shipbuilding and marine sectors that relied on imports. As result, the company not only developed and localized the Offshore Knuckle Boom Crane for LNG FSRU for the first time in Korea, but also recently received orders for cryogenic Crane for the Arctic LNG Project to expand its business area.

  • Company


  • Establishment


  • Provision Crane, Hose Handling Crane, Deck Machinery,

    Life Boat Davit & Other Types of Cranes

  • Capital

    20.3 million USD

  • Sales

    122.2 million USD

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