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The World's Leading Ship Crane Company

At OPCO R&D Center, the experts from various sectors of marine and shipbuilding industry are hard at work,
for cost-efficient production and quality improvement, to bring you the products you can trust.

  • The shipbuilding materials industry is affected by the shipbuilding industry in accordance with the change in demand for marine goods and the increase in demand for new ships due to changes in international regulations and standards related to ships.

    The Technology Institute uses knowledge gained from the results of basic research, applied research, and practical experience to respond more flexibly to the liquidity of these economic changes and to further strengthen the quality competitiveness of domestic and foreign competitors, and conduct systematic activities for product development, production design and standardization of Marine Crane equipment that meet customer needs and purposes, such as Deck crane, Offshore crane, Conventional cargo crane, Jib crane, Engine room crane, Monorail crane, Deck machinery, Life boat davit

    In addition, it is responsible for production design and new product development by realizing unification of design and interpretation by professional verification system in order to reduce cost, improve reliability, and customer satisfaction by optimization design by structural analysis.

  • We have improved industrial competitiveness by developing and commercializing localization of shipbuilding and marine materials such as Import-dependent high-tech cryogenic cranes, offshore plant cranes, and also developed quality, price and customer trust through the development of original technology, and developed the shipbuilding marine industry development and pioneered export market.

    In addition, it contributed to the creation of jobs and the construction of surrounding infrastructure by localizing parts and the increase of technology and sales by developing cooperation with parts companies, and the increase of import substitution effect and sales by developing localization, and contributed to the improvement of ship owners trust and shipyard reliability by improving price competitiveness of shipyards, which are front industries, and quick technology response.

    In particular, Localization development of Knuckle Boom Crane for LNG-FSRU has been completed for the first time in Korea. Under the approval of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS), Jib Crane for icebreaking LNG carriers has been developed and localized by developing and applying ultra-low temperature parts, materials and winterization heating systems to operate at minus 52 degrees YAMAL ultra-low temperature outdoor temperature. We are engaged in continuous research and development activities according to our needs.

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