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Thinking about Health, Safety, and Environment

Along with policies that prioritize the health and safety of employees, Oriental Precision & Engineering is actively promoting the creation of accident-free and disaster-free workshops by operating various safety management programs. In addition to on-site safety personnel, we are conducting daily safety training of on-site management and supervisors and risk prediction training before work, and we have safety managers and honorary industrial safety supervisors at each department to manage safety in detail.

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  • Accident prevention and hazard forecast training

    1. 1) T.B.M. hazard prediction training
    2. 2) Company-issued accident record journal publications
    3. 3) Observing the "Safety Day"
    4. 4) Hazard sensing evaluation
    5. 5) Company-wide safety check
    6. 6) Risk prediction activity evaluation system
    7. 7) Employee safety regulation point system
    8. 8) Safety camera monitoring
    9. 9) Safety management evaluation of the affiliates
    10. 10) In-company safety awareness broadcasting
  • Traffic safety campaign, driving safety education for the vehicle operators

  • Safety training for the managers and supervisors / fire and gas safety education

  • Distribution of safety instructions, safety signs, and safety leaflets

  • Safety inspection days observation

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