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Corporate Culture

The World's Leading Ship Crane Company

With a management spirit that pursues transparent, fair and reasonable business performance in corporate activities, Oriental Precision & Engineering is committed to fulfilling its social responsibilities and contributing to social development with 'business ethics' as its top priority.

Since its establishment in 1980, Oriental Precision & Engineering (hereinafter referred to as ‘Company’), we are very proud to have faithfully carried out our mission to build the world's best ship crane company, contributing greatly to the development of Korean shipbuilding materials and the national economy and society.
Now, with this pride and self-confidence, we want to become the world's best ship crane company that always aims for customers and receives love and trust through ethical and law-abiding management.

  • We respect our customers, provide the best products and services, practice customer first priority through customer satisfaction and management of new value creation, and fulfill our responsibilities and obligations.
  • We take the lead in the restocking of corporate value and continuous growth development by realizing sound profits through innovative management activities.
  • We respect the individual personality of our employees, provide them opportunities fairly, create a pleasant and safe working environment, and strive to make employees feel proud of their company.
  • We actively participate in public interest activities as part of society and constantly create values to contribute to the development of the nation and society.
  • We pursue the prosperity of the public by establishing a communal convention that complies with domestic law and international regulations, respects the market order of free competition, and cooperates with all interested parties.
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