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About OPCO

The World's Leading Ship Crane Company

Mission Statement

The motto of a company

  • Sincerity

    Sincerity to workmanship

    We shall devote ourselves to everything we do, and we shall always remember to put the customer first.

  • Harmony

    Teamwork in harmony

    We shall stand together, with love and care for one another.

  • Trust

    Trust in the company and in ourselves to achieve the best

    We shall have trust in the company and in ourselves to build the best products and we shall develop trust with the customers by providing them with the quality products.

Corporate Philosophy

Realize Customer First Company

We have a management philosophy to become a customer’s best ship crane company

Customer First

OPCO places the customer first, and provides the best ship superstructure and crane solutions in the industry.

  • Technology First

    Based on the experience and technology accumulated over the past 40 years, we are improving productivity through continuous research development and smart factory introduction.

  • Quality First

    We have a quality management system to maintain optimal quality and has obtained various certifications from various ship’s classification and major institutions.

  • Trust First

    We are trying to secure customer trust with on-time delivery and optimal quality.

  • Safety First

    In order to maintain safety and comfort in the workplace, various safety programs are being implemented and emphasized as a top priority.

Corporate Policy
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