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Corporate Culture

The World's Leading Ship Crane Company

Anyone, regardless customer or an employee, can report to the report center

We will do our best to expedite the process if you report any irregularitiesㆍfrauds related to employees of Oriental Precision & Engineering, and wrong practices in terms of ethical management and suggestions for policy improvement.

Report Target

  • Violation of the code of ethics of the company and its executives and employees
  • Cases of disrespect for public morals (sexual harassment, etc.), acts that harm a sound corporate culture
  • Praises for ethical management practices and suggestions for improvement of work;

Principles for Protection of Informants

We thoroughly guarantee that the identity of the informant is sesured so that there is no disadvantage to the informant.

  • Standards for confidentiality
    Without the consent of the informant, the act of disclosing or implying the identity of the informant is prohibited.
  • Standards for identity guarantee
    Protection from any disadvantage or discrimination, such as disciplinary measures, from the department or transactional relationship, etc., for reasons such as reporting, statements, submission of data, etc.
  • Please write the contents of the report as much detail as possible and refer to the example of writing.
  • Real name / Anonymous reports are available, but if it’s a real name, it can be processed more quickly.
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