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Corporate Culture

The World's Leading Ship Crane Company

This Charter of Ethics outlines universal principles that are to be observed and practiced by
the directors and employees of all OPCO companies in all their business activities.

  • 1. Introduction
    The Board of Directors of Oriental Precision & Engineering ("OPCO") has adopted this code of ethics (the "Code"), to promote honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest. The Code is applicable to all directors and employees, including the sub-contractors.
  • 2. A pledge to the clients
    OPCO realizes that its clients are the reason the company exists; therefore, OPCO shall respect the clients opinions, and continuously create values for them, and earn their trust.
  • 3. Compliance with laws, rules, and regulations
    OPCO shall abide by all relevant laws and ordinances in each country where it operates. OPCO shall respect the order in the market, and adhere to a high standard of business ethics and not seek competitive advantage through unlawful or unethical business practices.
  • 4. The fundamental
    Code All directors and employees of OPCO shall continuously develop and improve themselves, and shall practice honest, fair business.
  • 5. Corporate responsibility to its directors and employees
    OPCO shall recognize that the fundamental resource of any business is its people and shall create comfortable, healthy work- places in which all employees can work safely.
  • 6. Relationship of OPCO with third-parties
    OPCO shall adhere to fair, transparent trades with its business alliances: and shall seek mutual prosperity.
  • 7. Corporate responsibility to its directors and employees
    OPCO shall create wealth through ethical, reasonable business practices: protect its shareholders interests: and contribute to society.
  • 8. Corporate responsibility to its directors and employees
    Separate items shall be established in Corporate Code of Conduct by the Corporate Executive Officer and president, to ensure successful execution of this Code of Ethics.
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