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Thinking about Health, Safety, and Environment

OPCO fosters a safe work environment with the company's own occupational health and safety programs. All OPCO employees are required to attend at annual medical examination. The company keeps the record of each employee's health, and prepares the statistical database used to make health-related predictions and assessment within the company.

Also, the work environment is checked and monitored regularly to control occupational diseases and to prevent chiropractic injuries, the employees are required to join a company-wide warm-up exercise session. The employees are encouraged to visit the 24-hour operated fitness center operated within the work premises, and the nurses and healthcare professionals are stationed in the nurse's office during the work hours in case of an emergency.

  • Medical Check-up

    General, Specific, Thorough exams
  • Emergency first aid, Treatment, and Care Physical Therapy Chiropractic Therapy Personal hygiene education
    industrial accident prevention training
    Workplace hazard prevention

    Smoking-related Health Hazards Chiropractic Training Adult Illness
  • Physical training and Test

    Stretch exercise equipment
  • Work environment analysis

    Occupational illness prevention education
  • Employees health statistics

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