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The World's Leading Ship Crane Company

A/S Contact

  • Domestic A/S before Delivery
    OPCO A/S Team

    TEL+ 82-51-979-0862

    FAX+ 82-51-831-4072

    Email :
  • Abroad A/S Before Delivery and A/S After Delivery
    Oriental Inspection & Service

    TEL+ 82-51-831-2747

    FAX+ 82-51-831-6260

    Email : Web :

We provide customer satisfaction through a thorough A/S quality assurance system.

Oriental Precision & Engineering has a thorough A/S quality assurance system for all businesses, from the sales stage to the product design, production, installation, inspection, delivery and A/S, and all employees are committed to providing active and effective services for customer satisfaction.

A/S Policy

Quality is the essence of every OPCO product. so as reputation to our business. A product should be deemed as acceptable only when it satisfies you, the client, very well.

Your complaints and claims are the most precious gift to us, as what you're pointing out as unsatisfactory in our product is what needs to be improved. Only when these complants are properly addressed is the business benefited.

Therefore, all OPCO products, regardless of their warranty periods, are entitled for service for the life of the products.

A/S Procedure

  • STEP 1. A/S Request A claim is accepted at the OPCO Client Service Center, or at any OPCO business division.
  • STEP 2. Cause assessment & Analysis The claim is assessed and analyzed.
  • STEP 3. Notification of Solution Based on the assessment and the analysis, a suitable solution is determined and is notified to the client.
  • STEP 4. A/S execution Service or repair is done as directed. Service Category
    - The product has been delivered unfinished
    - The claim does not fit the service criteria
    - OPCO does not stock a spare part necessary for the repair
    - Service request from a ship on sail
  • STEP 5. A/S is completed The client is notified of the service result.
  • STEP 6. FeedBack analysis and recurrence prevention measure is taken Feedbacks from the client and the service personnel are collected and analyzed. Necessary measures are taken to prevent recurrence of the similar problem.
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